Monday, September 28, 2009


I totally got a new job today, well, I'm still with the same company, but I got a promotion and I'm now closer to home! No matter how you sing it, say it, or shake it, I'm very, very excited!

I feel his pain...

I would do the same if someone took away my precious bacon!

Monday, September 7, 2009

35 years and counting!

So yesterday was Ma and Pa's 35th anniversary. We had dinner out at the Mavis'. It was a lot of fun to see almost everyone and we made it through most of the night without an incident.

And here are some pics of G-Rav and the Yoda Baby! They are just so darn cute!

And the Marg bought me an early Christmas present...I lovers it and I have named it Edina. Isn't she a beaut!

Bar J and all that honky tonkin!

So Karlotta invited a few of us up to her home in Star Valley. Her mom was so funny and nice and fed us twice! That Rhymed. Love me. So we went to Jackson Hole and walked around for a few hours and then went to the Bar J Wranglers. They were a lot of fun I would recommend.

After I had eaten myself sick Pork Chop decided to steam roller me. Funny but wrong.

Das Derby...the joy of humanity!

So we went to the Derby a few weeks ago and these are the pics I thought needed to be visible to the world.

Some of the photos next just make me sooooo happy!

This child just kept staring at SB. As you can see be the second photo he loved the attention!

This fellow is definitely too fly for a white guy...and the future president of McD's on main street.

I didn't know that there was a white version of Cheech and Chong, but I've been wrong before.

SB thought that I was taking a photo of his hawk like nose, but as you can see someone else has found his way into my animal like visual of humans.

I FOUND HIM! I FOUND HIM! And ya'll said that Big Foot was a fib!

Now here is a fine example of why I may never have children. They either grow up to be future night walkers or the boy who just can't figure out what they are wearing (he's in the background) Still a funny photo of girls just wanting to have fun.

And last but not by any means can't have a derby without a smack down! These two fellas look like they are about to throw down their torches and raise the roof with their fists! Okay they just looked funny to me, harmless I'm sure...

Well, if you didn't make it to the derby I hope you lived vicariously through me pics!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Who could not love this man!

I wish I had such mad skills yo!