Sunday, May 11, 2008

Unce, tice, fee times a mady...

Well, it true. I am a year older than I was last week. Nothing seems different. I'm not sure why birthdays are such a big deal. Life always moves on. But, I did have a super 70's part which I will blog later when I have pics, but for now you get to see my home. I went home for my actual birthday and had dinner with my family. They are good to me. Well, I'm going to walk down memory lane for a moment so, if you don't want to come with me then turn back now.
Welcome to my home

This is the Lilac bush that we made into a fast food taco joint. Missing now is the pile of bricks that we would shave down and use as seasoning.

When I was little the grass here was so tall that we used to make houses out of them. We would matte down the grass where rooms were and we created an entire house.

This is the dune buggy that my father made. I loved it when he would take us on rides. Like many things from my childhood it lies dormant waiting to be revived.

This is the beloved Trenton Hill. No matter what you might hear it is not Little Mountain. It's name is TRENTON HILL. It's a very touchy subject.

This is the tree that we would put the trampoline under and jump off of it onto the tramp. We also built a zip line from it when i was a bit older. Did I mention that we would also put the sprinkler under the tramp. Fun times.

This was my first car. Three months after I got it I was told to buy my own car. Note the rust holes, great for hiding out in a scrap yard.

Does anyone else think that this might be something you would see on the Schrute beat farm? My little brother was trying to make a good hatchet throwing target. Awesome.

This is the road next to my house that leads to the neighbors home. Did I mention we live in the center of town?

Well, that's it for now. If your still with me, you either grew up in Trenton or you are related to me. I enjoyed my childhood and regress to it quite often. I hope you can do the same. Happy 26 to me!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hello Joyce?

So, I realized that I never showed all ya'll what I looked like when I worked at the HC so here ya go! Enjoy my pain...

Life is good at Das Bank. I'm hopefully getting a promotion soon. We shall see. I was released in church, but they didn't replace me so, I now an acting with no blessings RSP. Awesome. Oh well. I wish there was more to say maybe next week I will fly to London, marry a gypsie, and and create world peace. We shall see.