Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vegas Part Dos!

So last year I went to Vegas with the MFish for her birthday and it was some FUN times. This year we did the same thing only some more peeps came with us. Here are some fantastic photos. Enjoy!

We went to Freemont Street for the first time and took the bus! We also went to the Las Vegas Temple. I think that it might have one of my favorite special rooms in it! So beautiful and I feel blessed that I assoicate with people who can go with me!

We stopped off at the Bellagio to see the Christmas display as well as for me to eat some tasty Gelato from a cake shop there. On the way out I felt the need to once again get a jumping picture. I just can't tell you how much I love jumping pictures. I should dedicate an entire post to my jumping pics!

Mfish snapped some awesome photos I decided to share with you. My fav might just be the one with Wally the oxygen machine strapped to me so we didn't have to carry him!

Last of all I got the ladies to go to the Tourny of Kings! This was my third adventure there and it is just so funny to me! After that we went to The Lion King which was without a doubt AMAZING! Worth going to if you can. Maybe some day in the future I will try to upload Christmas, New Years, and life in general. Sorry I've been so slow! Have a fantastic day!