Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pics yo 2!

Here are some of my recent pics from the old man incident. That is all.

Pre Christmas joy!

So,I wormed my way into "helping" my Aunt MJ with Christmas treats this year. What I really mean is that I watched her make stuff and then ate it all. She's so funny. I told her I was going to blog our adventures and she didn't sound too happy about it, but alas I'm going to anyways! WHASHAHAHAHAAHA!

I also drove around with SB to look at lights. The palm trees were AWESOME!

ALSO I went to see Santa! The kiddies did pretty well until after Santa and then at one point I had to hold down Louis whilst she screamed and misbehaved. But then we had a good talk about Santa and being nice to her ma and she was almost better after that. The crazies are funny. I luff them.

So, I walked out of the Temple the other day and decided that it was so pretty that I would brave the cold and take some pics. So there I am in a dress taking pics of the temple and here comes an older fellow in jeans and cowboy boots.
"Hey there little lady, what are ya doin'"
"Just taking some pictures."
"Are you taking pictures of something specific?"
"Nope, just taking pictures of the Temple. It's a beautiful structure."
"Well, that it is."
Then he answered his phone and told his wife he was headed home in a min. I'm not sure why I look so suspicous, but he decided I was up to no good. I think it might have been the hot pink shoes.

Sunday, December 6, 2009