Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nobody knowed it was Thanksdivin'!

Before I show you the awesome times that were had at my parents house this Thanksgiving day, I just wanted express my love for my Faith, my Family, my Friends, and everyone that brings joy to me soul! We go shooting on Thanksgiving most years and this year was no different. I think we went through 3 boxes of clay pidgeons and about 500 rounds of ammo. Nice. Also Jack Jack is finally crawling and I thought it was just so cute! Enjoy!

All I want for Christmas is....

A CHUCK-O-RAMA! So, I went down to Hellbot's for her birthday dinner. She choose the venerated Chuck. It made me just s'happy! So here are the pics of that as well as watching her play v-ball. I hope you enjoy!

Jr Jr Blessing

So, I know this happened about a month ago. I'm sorry I'm a slow, lazy, lame-o. But here are pics of the after party. The pic of Hellbot and Ty Ty is my favorite!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I am a lone reed...

So today (since nothing exciting has been happening) I'm going to share with you one of my favorite pictures. I took this back in the day whilst I was still living in Washington. I love what it physically looks like as well as what it symbolically means to me. The next thing is a sonnet that the lovely Skrievie brought to my attention. All of you may or may not know this about me, but I have a soft spot for poetry and this feeds into my darker joy. P.S. I'm not currently depressed just reflective on this beautiful, but dreary Sabbath.

My love is as a fever longing still
For that which longer nurseth the disease,
Feeding on that which doth preserve the ill,
Th'uncertain sickly appetite to please.
My reason, the physician to my love,
Angry that his prescriptions are not kept,
I lath left me, and I desperate now approve
Desire is death, which physic did except.
Past cure I am, now reason is past care,
And frantic mad with evermore unrest;
My thoughts and my discourse as madmen's are,
At random from the truth vainly expressed:
For I have sworn thee fair, and thought thee bright,
Who art as black as hell, as dark as night.
-Sonnet 147-

Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

In this town we call home everyone hale to the KTG! So, I've started my one and only tradition (TRADITION!) I am going to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas once a week between Halloween and Christmas. You may join me in my quest for greatness at any time. Here is the last few weeks of my life in pictures. Enjoy and ask no questions please.

Are you suprised that Bambi was a princess? HUH? M-Fish Darling was Sydney Bristow from the pilot of Alias and I was just awesome in my baby blue, all leather, spangled jacket. You sadly cannot see it. My hair was awesome as well. I was awesome, and so's your old man! WHOOOOOOO! Sorry, sugar rush.

This is Jr Jr's response to her mother dying and cutting (cut, cut, cut) my hair. Yet again another awesome job.
I was so tired the other day at lunch and so I sent me manager a text saying that I just couldn't make it back. She said that I had no get out of jail free cards. So as I was returning to the blessed "Thank you for calling Wamu in Awesome Town, now a part of Chase, this is KTG how may I help you?" I stopped at an intersection and this boy looked at his brother 15 feet in front of him and just gave up. Power to the youngin, I new how he felt.

I also was granted the oportunity to watch Big Boy's last football game of the season. So I don't know anything about football and as I was asking a question every five min. And who was it that was answering them? MY MOM! I don't think she really loves sports, but wow. She was getting into it. Go mama go go. I didn't understand much, but what I did made me sad. I can't repeat that score here due to egos that may be deflated, but I can tell you that Big Boy's team lost to WX-they wore purple and there mascot was a wildcat. All through the game I sang the Duran Duran song "Wild Boys." Only I sub'd boys with cats! I'm funny! I'm glad I got to go and BB did good. Go Cats!

P.S. Randy and I decided that if either of us were men we would look like B.B.
This is me brother in law at his best! The pic below doesn't do the sunrise justice, because dang gina it was B-utiful!

And for those of you who have never heard the song "Wild Boys." Here's more than a little treat for you. Pay close attention to the chicken dance in the middle and the crazy man-eating fish toward the end. Those are my favorite parts. I think it's Simon's tribute to Mad Max. Wow, I was born one decade too late! I love the

80's! WILD BOYS ALWAYS SHINE! And I'm awesome. That is all.