Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cowboy UP!

So, last night Bambi and I went to Provo for The Dovely's birthday party. All I can say is that I missed my calling. I should have the THE RODEO QUEEN! Or at least a Dairy Queen. Or was is I should just own a Dairy Queen. Either way it was fun to see long lost friends and themed parties are AWESOME!

This is why I love the Logan...

Here are some pictures of the sunset. That is all.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Oh these lazy days, I barely see myself through..."

A little ode to Collective Soul. I took a nap today that was unintentional, but now I even more sluggish than usual and my contacts are sticking to me eyeballs! Awesome. So not a lot has happened in the last little while. Sorry, my life is a bit boring. I did get pics from My Milk Chocolate Sunshine that I want to post. These are pics of Kam-a-lyn's wedding! She was of course beautiful and we had some fun times! I just have a few things to say about MCS and I's vibe shots...We are HOTT-Hot! I'll never understand why I'm not married!;) And I have quite possibly the biggest chin and the smallest lips ever! It's the KTG trademark!