Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Death and Hell

That is what I am calling the Sardine Canyon these days. Today it closed about ten thousand times. That should have been my first clue that I should have stayed in bed all day. It was super slow at work so they wouldn't even have missed me. They closed it while I was driving home, good thing I left early! Also I had to pee sooooooo bad by the time I got home because of the nerves and white-knuckled grip on me wheel. BUT I didn't stop at the gas station I made it all the way home. I'mabiggirlIam! Don't ever use the restrooms at the Phillips 66/Burger King. SICK! And I mean disease sick. Maybe that's why my health is declining over the years. I got brainworm from the bathroom at P66! Well that is my rant and I hope all ya'll enjoyed the snow today and made it home safely. Here is a funny video I saw today and felt you should experience the joy of February. Peace.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Everybody's workin for the weekend!

This picture is for fond memories and warmer times.

So, I hope all ya'll had a super fine Valentine's Day! MFish and I went out to support the Natey at his ward/stake cruise night. We decided to turn left, but the car decided that it wanted to not stop and not go down the road intended. We ended up high centered in a snow bank/curb thing. Lucky it was there because if it hadn't we would of ended up in a very large ditch. So, I got out and two nice young boys stopped to help us rock Aunty Mame over the snow. We were on our way in no time. Thanks to all who stop and help anyone in need and ask for nothing in return! Also a few weeks ago SB, Bambi, and I set off for a short adventure here are photos of it. Luff!