Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Word to your brother.

So lots of fun stuff has happened since I last blogged and really I'm just to lazy to post once a week so, in no particualar order here is the last month in pics.

SB bought glasses for the first time in 15 years. He took no one with him. And he only wore them for two weeks. I mocked him long, but he was asking for it. He kept talking about how they made him dizzy and that he couldn't walk strait. I think he was just drunk. Weak story SB!

I stayed over night at my sisters house a few weeks ago. As always when you have five kids crazy-ness insues. First they were running around with these crayon shaped water guns. They had no water, but they found them punishing enough without it. Hailee just kept sticking Zayne and saying "say your prayers!" I think it's from all the Looney Tunes. Funny. Then before they went to bed Mykelle dropped a large bag of sugar in the garage and Hailee got fiberglass in her eye. All through this the youngest just sat in his bouncy chair with the glow worm that Zayne finally gave to him because "he was the baby now." Always a good time! I like being an aunt.

I decided that I needed to get out of The Valley and so I went down to SLC to celebrate Bambi and Rebok's birthing days. We ate at Buca Di Bepos and also we went to a session in the Bountiful Temple. It was super pretty. One of my favorites I think. I also went to the outlet malls in Park City for the first time. I only spent like $15 bucks! Be proud! Then we scored tickets to the Women's Confrence, thanks to the Rebok. The pictures are of the mass swarm of women walking toward the conf center. Crazy busy, but pretty inspiring as well to see that many women united for one cause. We also went to Music and the Spoken word on Sunday. They always do a good job but there was one song that i just laughed at. It was a mix of Somewhere Out There and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Funny. I dedicated it to SB and his rommie. SB HATES me! And I loves it! Whaaaahahahha! I also go to see the Skrieven. I miss and love him and am happy that he is moving on to bigger and better things. I just wish I could see those that move away a bit more. I suppose that is what life is for.

And this was just funny. It's true folks! I did go to the bathroom right after I took this picture. It is my ode to the Natey.

And a couple of weeks ago we went up to the canyon for one last cookout before the snow. It was so pretty and this time I didn't get eaten alive by MO-SQI-TOES! Notice the stick that burrowed into my shoe.

I also found this super funny site-my roommate found it-that lets you see what you would have looked like in different eras. What's sad and fitting is that my face fits better in the boy yearbook pic than the girls. I am still a man-girl! Enjoy this post is over! Luff!

If you made it this far then I give you three gold stars and a pony ride.